Libratone Lounge boasts 360-degree sound from a single source

libratone lounge boasts 360 degree sound from a single source lounge1

In an innovative feat of sound engineering and Scandinavian design, Libratone has created an all-in-one speaker that is meant to replace your entire living room sound system, no matter how many speakers you might have. The Libratone Lounge ($1,300) has a sleek modern design and the tech specs to justify having it as your sole piece of sound equipment for everything from TV to music streaming. The long Libratone Lounge functions as much as a piece of furniture as it does a sound system. The company recommends placing it against a wall for music streaming and directly below the TV if you plan to hook up your TV’s sound to the Lounge as well. While it may look small and unassuming compared to a huge 7-piece speaker system, we’re surprised how much the company managed to pack into this relatively small package. Integrated Airplay technology means that you can easily and wirelessly stream music from your iOS device for an instant living room listening experience. 

The felted unit (available in four colors for optimum design control) has five separate amplifiers that churn out up to 150W of sound power to an impressive 8-inch woofer. A pair of ceramic midrange drivers and two ribbon-based tweeters round out the sound system. Digital Signal Processing and Libratone’s own FullRoom technology work with the speaker units to provide either 360-degree sound or crisp and clear stereo. It’s clear that this little unit packs a big sound punch, but even better, it will look great in just about any room. Not to mention that buying the Libratone Lounge will be significantly simpler than installing and dealing with a 7-piece custom sound system and all the cords that come along with it. The Lounge will be available in Europe and the US starting in September. Now you have the dilemma of which color to choose.