Libratone’s Airplay-enabled Live and Lounge now available in the US

libratones airplay enabled live and lounge now available in the us libratone family 1

While Libratone hasn’t made its way into the big-name players ring of home theater in the states quite yet, the high-end audio-maker has been successful in Europe thanks to its stylish designs and quality sound components. The brand is establishing itself in the states by releasing two Apple Airplay-enabled sound units today, both of which offer style, convenience, and sound quality to beat. The Libratone Lounge ($1,299) and Libratone Live ($699) are both available in the US today with full Airplay integration, meaning users can easily stream tunes from their iTunes libraries on Mac or PC as well as access songs stored on their iPod, iPhone, or iPad via a WiFi network. 

The Libratone Lounge is a larger unit that is designed to be used a full sound system in your living room, giving you 360-degree sound when placed near a wall. High-end components like ribbon-based tweeters combined with digital signal processing and digital amplification ensures superior sound, even from only the single speaker unit. The Lounge has a full power of 150W and measures 40-inches long — perfectly sized to fit under your TV. 

The Libratone Live is a smaller and more portable unit, hence the helpful handle attached to the side. This model has all the same high-end components and acoustic principles as the Lounge, but comes in a more versatile form. Because the unit now uses wireless Airplay technology, users can pick up the speaker (it weighs 14-lbs) and move it to any room in the house where they want quality sound. 

Both models feature the signature Scandinavian-influenced Libratone design, consisting of sleek forms wrapped in cashmere wool with chrome and wood accents. The speaker units are available in several different colors to match almost any home decor. The new Airplay-enabled Libratone speakers are available at select Apple stores starting today.