LTD Tools iPad 2 case covers your device in powder-coated aluminum

ltd tools ipad 2 case covers your device in powder coated aluminum ltdtoolscase

There are a lot of new cases out there for the iPad 2, but none of them quite look anything like this case from LTD Tools. The powder-coated aluminum case looks like a mix between a transformer and something you might find at a construction site, both of which make us think this might be a pretty good protective covering for your iPad. The LTD Tools iPad 2 Case ($140) has a folding cover that can be used to prop up the iPad for viewing in either portrait or landscape mode, and a smaller foldout piece of the cover will put the iPad in typing position, just slightly elevated from a tabletop. The case also features a clock front and a spot on the back for a business card to act as a sound reflector. Just in case you are worried about aluminum-on-aluminum, fret not, the inside of the case is padded with silicone felt to keep everything safe. In the event that you really want to put your iPad on display, the small pull-out piece for typing can also be used to hang your iPad on the wall. You hadn’t thought about that before, had you? The case comes in yellow, light grey, charcoal, and blue.