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New couch doesn’t fit in your car? Get Lugg — it’s like Uber for moving stuff

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If you drive a small car (or don’t have one to begin with), you know firsthand how much of a chore it can be to transport large objects. Getting a new couch or mattress isn’t something to be taken lightly when you’ve got a limited amount of cargo space — it requires a maddening amount planning and logistics.

You’ve probably been there before. First you call up all the people you know who might have a pickup or SUV and proceed to bribe and barter with them in exchange for a ride. If that doesn’t work, you rent a truck from the nearest U-Haul dealership and bring a buddy to drive your car back from the rental lot.

No matter how you go about it, moving stuff is a pain in the ass, but luckily there’s a fresh new startup called Lugg that aims to fix the problem.

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Don’t be this guy

Basically, Lugg is an on-demand moving service that works a lot like Uber, so when you suddenly realize that the exercise bike you just bought doesn’t fit on the roof rack of your Kia Rio, you can just fire up the app and request a pick-up.

To use the app, you simply snap a picture of the item you’re hoping to move and enter its location and destination. Lugg then connects you with an available mover immediately. The mover shows up within 15 to 45 minutes to pick up the item and take it to its final destination. All the payment, including tip, is handled within the application, similar to something like Lyft or Uber.

The base fare is $35, plus $2.50 per mile and $0.50 per minute of travel time. That’s definitely more expensive than calling in a favor from your buddy with an F-150, but also far more convenient and immediate.

Right now the service is only up and running in the San Francisco area, but it’s growing fast and will hopefully bloom and expand into new areas in the near future. Get your hands on it here!

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