Malone HandiRack inflatable roof rack makes your compact car more fun

malone handirack inflatable roof rack makes your compact car more fun gear patrol

If you are a city-dweller who lives outside of the Northwest (where Subarus are as ubiquitous as Starbucks), moving, home improvements, and outdoor adventures can be difficult with a compact car and no roof rack. How are you supposed to transport skis for three people or that giant load from Ikea in your diminutive Honda Fit or Toyota Camry? Well, unless you have a very nice friend who owns a truck, you are probably screwed. Unless you are cool enough to have an inflatable roof rack from Malone in the back of your car. The HandiRack ($100) by Malone inflates and attaches to your car to make a useful roof rack that can carry up to 180 pounds. The rack is made of a puncture-resistant synthetic fabric and is easily installed in minutes. The kit includes two roof units (as shown in photo) and an air pump that makes inflating the racks painless and fast. The inflatable design will cushion your load on a rough journey and protect your car from unwanted bumps and scratches. The rack still allows use of your car windows when installed, but is not suitable for cars fitted with side-curtain airbags.