Man-Cans give you candle atmosphere with a masculine scent

man cans give you candle atmosphere with a masculine scentThere’s no shame for a man liking to come home and light a few candles before sliding down into the couch for some ‘you’ time. There is shame, however, in having ‘jasmine vanilla’ or ‘rose peony’ scented candles to light in a bachelor pad. Unfortunately, bachelor-pad-friendly scented candles are rather difficult to find. Man-Cans comes to the rescue with candles that are both packaged and scented in a delightfully masculine way.

The Man-Can candles ($9.50 each) are made from recycled soup cans with a simple but stylish brown paper covering. Forget flowers and essential oils, these candles come in scents that only a man would love. Invite the guys over while a couple of these are burning and your man-cred will stay intact, we promise. While you might scare off the ladies with the Bacon or New York Style Pizza scents, we wouldn’t mind relaxing in the midst of a Campfire, New Mitt (leather) or Fresh Grass scented Man-Can.