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MANsaver app helps you avoid a dreaded anniversary blunder

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There may be nothing worse a man can do in a relationship than forget his anniversary. If such forgetfulness happens, one of two scenarios will likely ensue: a rushed panic to make a dinner reservation, find a gift, and locate an open flower shop before it’s too late, or forgetting altogether and get hounded for years (or until you break up) about that one time you forgot your anniversary. Trust us with this one, you will pay a price for this blunder of all blunders. While we are fans of guys who can remember by themselves or have the smarts to write that special date down, the MANsaver app (free) could be the lifesaver of those who tend to forget.

The clever app asks you to enter whether you are dating or married and the start date of your relationship. From that simple information, the MANsaver app generates reminders for every possible anniversary, holiday, and milestone that could possibly occur. It has all the important dates covered, but even reminds you about absurdities like “100 days of dating” that only the crazy girls would pull on you, so you’re safe no matter what. Push notifications give you a generous five-day notice on important dates as well as a day-of reminder in case you still haven’t made that reservation. To get even more ambitious, the app gives you creative date ideas, gift options, and sentimental drafts of text messages. We’re not so sure that plagiarizing an overly-sweet text message will put you in your girl’s good graces, but remember that big one-year anniversary definitely will. If possible, we suggest also plugging in her birthday. Wouldn’t want to miss that one.

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