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Meet the Ferrari Guitar from Blackbird


What you’re looking at is quite literally the Ferrari of guitars. Ferrari commissioned San Francisco-based Blackbird Guitars to build a limited edition version of their Rider travel guitar done up with a subtle touch of Ferrari livery. The Ferrari version of the carbon fiber guitar sports a red A string, a Maranello Red interior, and is finished off with a Scuderia emblem on the head. The Ferrari series starts at $1500. Here are its main features:

  • Exceptional Carbon Fiber strength and environmental stability
  • Hollow neck with Stereo Sound Port® in head of the guitar
  • Asymmetric Acoustic Design® with off-set sound-hole
  • Ultralight for enhanced sound, comfort and balance
  • Full scale length (24.5″)
  • 3D sculpted back for improved ergonomics, playability & durability
  • Optional electronics for amazing amplified tone

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