Misa Kitara digital stringless guitar has touchscreen, onboard synthesizer

misa kitara digital stringless guitar has touchscreen onboard synthesizer o1

If you’ve already mastered the likes of Guitar Hero, it’s time to move on to the next invention in digital guitars. Those old-school guitar strings are always getting in the way, right? If you’d rather play a strange, artificial instrument, Misa Digital Instruments is now taking pre-orders for their new Kitara stringless digital guitar. The Kitara ($849) uses a digital interface and 8-inch touch screen to integrate sounds of traditional guitar with digital audio production techniques. The company is aiming to bring the live musicality of digital keyboards to the guitar and allow musicians to create electronic melodies right on the touch screen. The guitar features a full fretboard, 8-inch multi-touch screen, and an onboard polyphonic synthesizer. The guitar uses MIDI controls and is made of high-density injection-molded ABS polymer. An aluminum-body special edition Kitara is available for pre-order for $2,899. We’re not sure if this will ever get you the respect of actually shredding a real guitar, but it’s probably a pretty fun toy to play with for any music fan or guitar fanatic.

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