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This $3,000 doggy door automatically opens when your pets approach

Over the past year, many people became pet owners for the first time — but as vaccines roll out and restrictions lift, those pets will feel a major shift in their routines as their owners go back to work. MyQ, the company behind the popular series of garage door openers, has a solution: The myQ Pet Portal, a smart doggie door that received the CES 2021 Smart Home Innovation Award.

The myQ Pet Portal is more than just a doggie door. It allows owners to control the door remotely so your pup can go outside and play, even if you aren’t at home. It also supports live video feeds so you can watch your furry friend in the yard, as well as chat with them through two-way audio communication.

The myQ Pet Portal is an all-in-one solution that replaces an exterior door, but not in a noticeable way. In fact, from outside your home, the replacement will be almost invisible. People walking down the street, visitors to your home, and hopefully even the squirrels won’t notice the change in the door. MyQ works with Kolbe to provide modern, attractive doors that fit well with any home.

Your pet can also open the door by itself thanks to a smart collar sensor. The door locks after one animal passes through it, preventing any other animal from “tailgating” through the door. It’s a great way to keep the family cat from going outside to feast on birds when you only mean to let your dog out to potty. The myQ Pet Portal is designed with a wide range of pet sizes in mind, ranging from dogs as small as 10 pounds to up to 90 pounds. Just place the myQ Pet Portal Sensor on your dog’s collar to keep track of which dog goes through the door and when.

Some folks may be concerned about the potential of a burglar in some way breaking in through this doggie door, but the bright minds at myQ designed it so that there’s a locking measure in place that would prevent it from being compromised. It’s also designed to withstand damage from someone smacking it in the hope of it opening up.

The myQ Pet Portal App will provide daily reports on how often a pet goes outside and allow you to set custom settings for when your dog can come and go. The device is designed for convenience, but also to keep your pets safe during the day. After all, pets truly are members of the family.

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