Nat-2 Time watch for the bold modernist

nat 2 time watch for the bold modernist nat2time1 thumb 620x487 26315

European fashion company Nat-2 has designed a futuristic, and rather nerdy (in a good way), watch with an LED light face. The Nat-2 Time (about $82) is a pared-down timepiece that still makes a statement, with its bold, thick band and light-up display. The LED display uses a scroll system to show you the hour and then the minutes. While definitely not for the wallflower, this watch is idea for the modernist who doesn’t mind getting a few curious looks but still prefers an un-gaudy aesthetic. The unisex watch comes in black, purple, and olive and can be adjusted to fit your wrist size. When turned off, the watch can be worn to look like a simple wrist band.

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