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Upcoming Philips Hue lights to add Bluetooth connectivity, filament bulb options


Philips Hue, now under the Signify banner, released a host of new and updated lights and smart home devices on Thursday. The updates add Bluetooth connectivity to more bulbs in its lineup, allowing for instant adjustment when in the same room without the need to connect to the Hue Bridge hub. Filament bulbs, a new smart plug, and a new smart button are also on the way this fall, the company says.

First among the new products released Thursday is the next-generation Hue Go portable light, which adds Bluetooth connectivity and a higher capacity internal battery. It releases this November for $80, the same price as the current model.

Bluetooth connectivity will also debut in the GU10 spotlight bulb and E12 candle bulbs later this month, and will also retail for the same price as current generation bulbs. The GU10 spotlight has a higher lumen output and better color reproduction in an improved design, while the new E12 candle bulb adds a white-only option to the lineup. Signify had already updated its standard E26 bulb to support Bluetooth this summer.

The new connectivity option allows you to control lights instantly via the wireless technology nearby without having to rely on the Hue Bridge, the company says.

Two new Hue devices are on their way, too. A new smart plug will be released aimed at controlling non-hue lights and objects through the Hue app, while a new smart button will allow single press control of connected lights (pictured above). The plug will retail for $40 and the button $20 when they go on sale sometime next month.

The smart plug and button join other Hue accessories compatible with the platform including two other switches and a motion sensor.

Hue filament bulbs to debut in October

Filament bulbs have become popular as a way to add a vintage look to spaces, but so far smart bulbs in this category are somewhat limited. In addition to the long list of new and updated lights and devices, Signify also plans to release a line of filament bulbs in October.

All bulbs will be soft white only (2,100K, 530 lumens) and controllable through the app. To be released is an A19 style bulb ($25), ST19 tube ($29) and G25 globe ($33). Like the other new bulbs, the filament style options will also be Bluetooth enabled, and their brightness is controllable through the app just like any other Hue bulb, the company says.

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