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Take Taco Tuesday to the next level with Nuni’s tortilla toaster

Taco Tuesdays are about to get so much better. Every taco lover knows that tortillas taste best when they’re nice and toasty, but heating them up in the microwave isn’t ideal. Luckily, a group of guys got together to make a taco toaster called Nuni. The startup’s founder, Elliot Benitez, told Digital Trends he was inspired to make the toaster because of his love for tacos and years of watching his mother struggle to toast tortillas.

The device, which sought funding on Indiegogo, toasts six tortillas at the same time for 60 seconds until they’re perfectly warm and ready to eat. It’s got five temperature settings, so you can decide how crispy you want your tortillas to be. The toaster heats both sides of the tortilla, so you don’t have to flip it over, either. Nuni can toast any type of tortilla, be it flour, corn, or wheat.

It looks more or less like a normal toaster, but with thinner slots and a circular shape. You simply pop in the tortillas you want to toast and rotate the grills up to begin toasting. When they’re ready, you just rotate the grills back down, and your toasty tortillas slide right out onto the plate.

Nuni comes in five color options, including Aqua Blue, Jet Black, Maize Yellow, Sangria Red, and Paloma White so that it blends in with your kitchen decor. During the crowdfunding campaign, the toaster cost $80, and those who bought one should expect it in December barring any delays.

If you didn’t pick one up earlier, it’s unknown when you’ll be able to buy one, as the company is currently seeking investors. You can check out the Nuni Toaster website for more information.

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