OfficePOD brings a minimalist office to your backyard


Working from home is a great option for some folks, depending on the job. If you have a desk job, working from home can give you more time with your family, lessen your commute, or just offer a more relaxing environment. It all sounds great, right? Well, if you’ve ever called in sick to work but said you’d work from home, you might already realize the big problem. It’s hard to get things done when you have access to your bed, couch, snacks, and TV. But if you have the backyard room to spare (and somewhere around $24,000), you might consider getting an OfficePOD for a more productive workspace. The idea behind this design was to create a productive and separate space for those who work from home, without the distractions that come with setting up shop in your living room or bedroom.

Forget the long commute to work and get an OfficePod built right in your backyard, literally. The OfficePod is designed to be just big enough for a productive work space, so don’t expect a luxurious conference room, but it is outfitted with the highest-quality finishes both inside and out. The design features a large window, built-in cabinets, a long floating desk, and a locking door for extra security. You don’t need to have a mansion to get one installed, either. The OfficePod was created to fit in even small, garden-sized backyards. While this may be mostly an interesting design concept today, considering most of us don’t have the money to make such a switch, OfficePods could certainly be the workplace of the future. Working from home costs employers significantly less money, provides employees with increased flexibility, and can cut down on stress. We have to say that we wouldn’t mind working from home if we had little office utopias like these in our backyards.