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This chill kitchen gadget has a sidekick that makes thrice the chewable ice

Everybody has their passions. For some people, that passion is high-quality ice cubes. For them, the Opal Nugget Ice Maker has been a been a godsend. It’s pricey, costing buyers a cool $550 to get their hands on the premium ice maker, but if that’s your thing then it just might be worth it. The stand-alone ice maker produces what the company calls “the good ice” — chewable nuggets for those among us who like to chomp on what’s left at the bottom of their glass. Now Opal is giving its users the ability to make even more of the good stuff. It’s launching an expansion accessory called the Opal Water Side Tank.

The Opal Water Side Tank is trying to prove that it’s impossible to have too much of a good thing. The simple add-on expands the capacity of the Opal Nugget Ice Maker by 300 percent, meaning you’ll get three times as much ice before you have to refill the machine. It’s the ideal accessory if you’re hosting a party, or if you just really love ice cubes in all of your drinks.

According to the company, the Opal Water Side Tank can connect to either side of the ice maker and attaches easily with magnets that cling to the base of the machine. It blends into the design of the ice machine so it won’t stand out. To make your ice, just fill up the side tank with water, flip it into its home base, and connect the tube in the back to the Opal Nugget Ice Maker. It’ll start spitting out ice for you in no time.

Opal decided to create the add-on after polling its users and finding that a whopping 92 percent of them wanted an external water source for the device. The massive reservoir is the company’s answer to that request.

While the Opal Water Tank is on its way, it won’t be available widely for a while. It’s still in the prototype phase, according to FirstBuild. You can add your email to the signup list for pre-order at the company’s website. The accessory will be sold exclusively by FirstBuild to start. The company said it will make its way to Amazon, where it will be available for purchase starting in May 2019.

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