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Oreck’s cordless POD vacuum gets the dirtbags out of your life

Oreck Cordless Vacuum with POD Technology

Oreck’s Cordless Vacuum with POD Technology defeats the ‘gotcha’ associated with traditional floor-cleaning appliances when their dust and dirt containers are full. The Oreck’s self-sealing pods don’t release matter into the air.

Oreck’s POD containment system does away with vacuum bags and dirt cups. Instead, the Oreck cordless cleaner uses a replaceable pod to hold dust, dirt, dog hair, or whatever it sucks up from the floor.

The collapsible debris pod expands as it fills — Oreck says their design hold three times as much dirt as other leading cordless vacuums.

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A feature Oreck calls InVision Intelligence tracks how full the pod gets and an indicator on the handle changes from green to red when the pod is full. The pod’s design pays off when it’s time for a replacement.

With most vacuum cleaners, removing, emptying, or, worst case, shaking out the vacuum bag frees way too much dust and junk into the air. Vacuums that use dirt cups that theoretically can pour out dust and dirt when full invariably jam up, requiring that someone dig out the yuck.

With Oreck’s pods, on the other hand, on opening on the top of the pod self-seals when the pod container is removed from the vacuum handle, preventing dust or dirt from flying out and into the air. Holding the container — not the pod itself — you simply release the pod to fall into a trash can. Insert a new pod into the container, snap the container back on the handle and you’re good to go.

Depending on house size and the characteristics of the dirt and dust, Oreck says a single Pod can last a month or more. The vacuum comes with five pods or enough for five months for many homes. Replacement pods cost $15 in packs of five so at $3 each, the average yearly pod replacement cost should be about $36.

According to Oreck, a single charge of the vacuum’s lithium-ion battery is good for about 35 minutes continuous use. Recharging takes two and a half hours.

The two-speed vacuum’s standard AirPower floor nozzle works on carpets and bare floors. It weighs 5.6 pounds and has a 9-inch cleaning path.

Oreck’s cordless vacuum converts quickly to a handheld vacuum. The appliance comes with an air-powered pivoting brush roll tool, a soft-bristle dust brush tool, a wide-path crevice too, a plug-in wall mount charger, a tool rack, and five pods.

The Oreck Cordless Vacuum with POD lists for $569 but discounted $400 pricing is common.


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