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The makers of the Ostrich Pillow are back on Kickstarter with a miniature version

ostrich pillow mini screen shot 2014 10 01 at 11 24 52 am
Good news for all you fans of sleeping in public places — Studio Banana Things, the Manhattan-based company best known for its flagship product, the Ostrich Pillow, has taken to Kickstarter once again to jumpstart production of its third product: the Ostrich Pillow Mini.

Unlike the first Ostrich Pillow, which is something of a padded skull-sock you wear on your head, the Mini version is designed to be worn on your arm, and instead functions more like a wearable cushion. It doesn’t fit over your head or eyes like the previous generation pillows, so it won’t block out light in the same way; but what the Mini lacks in darkness it makes up for with a compact form factor and highly versatile design.

Whereas the other two Ostrich Pillows only had one intended orientation, the OP Mini is designed to fit on multiple places on your arm. You can place it anywhere from your hand to your elbow, so no matter what awkward sleeping position you happen to be favoring at the moment, you’ll always have a cushion for your dome.

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Banana Things is already well on its way to achieving its $15K goal on Kickstarter, which isn’s surprising, considering the popularity of their first two Ostrich Pillows. At time of writing, the project is currently sitting at just $2K below its goal, and still has nearly a month left in the campaign. All the early bird rewards have been snagged up at this point, but you can still lock down and Ostrich Pillow Mini of your own for a pledge of 25 bucks. Orders are expected to ship sometime in December.

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