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Flushed, clean feeling: Dyson could be creating a water jet toothbrush

patent shows dyson may be developing toothbrush with powerful water jets 35261970  woman brushing teeth electric toothpaste c
Dyson, the company known for its powerful vacuums and fans, is bringing its technology to the world of oral hygiene. It has set its sights on creating a ‘super toothbrush’ that will feature powerful water jets set in between the bristles to really power away plaque and food particles.

Patents have already been filed by Dyson, according to the Evening Standard. The idea is that the brush could be used without the bristles almost as high-powered dental floss to blast debris out of the gaps between teeth.

The design features a nozzle for users to control the stream of water and a reservoir to hold it. Papers suggest that the reservoir could be filled with water from the tap or possibly even toothpaste. The patent says the reservoir should be enough for three long bursts or several shorts ones and that is it designed to be shot between teeth to dislodge anything stuck there.

Parts of the patents suggest that the streams would be automated perhaps powered by light sensors or even cameras. These would detect when the brush was positioned near a gap in the teeth and automatically fire a stream to clean it.

The brush would feature six buttons to control manual or auto jets and a pivoting head that spins at 6,000 revolutions per minute allowing you to reach all those hard to brush places. It may also include a sensor to alert users when they are pushing on their teeth too hard, potentially causing harm to teeth and gums.

Dyson’s latest invention is the Supersonic hair dryer is selling for near $400. This could point to how much the high-end toothbrush may sell at once it is released. According to a Dyson’s spokesperson, the company has filed over 450 different patents in 2016 and doesn’t comment on any on-going technological developments.

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