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IRobot responds To Roomba ‘Poopocalypse’ complaints

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It’s been called the “poopocalypse” and the “crappening.” These terms describe the utter horror you encounter when your Roomba, the robotic vacuum, accidentally encounters pet excrement and proceeds to use its smart technology to drag the the filthy mess everywhere.

One Roomba owner, Jesse Newton, described the event in excruciating and disgusting detail on his Facebook page, complete with a hand-drawn diagram. Newton, who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, set up his Roomba to run while his family was sleeping. He thought, as many do, this would be convenient as the machine wouldn’t get in the way of daily activities and who doesn’t like to wake up to things cleaner than they were when you went to sleep?

His new puppy had other plans and had an accident on the rug. Being the vigilant cleaner it was, the Roomba didn’t miss the spot and promptly ran it over and the spreading began. The mess ended up on “every conceivable surface.” Newton recounted that nothing was left unsoiled and that the tires on the Roomba left “25-foot poop trails” everywhere.

This apparently isn’t the first time Roomba and pet waste have met with tragic consequences. In fact, several other users have reported instances in recent years. One woman, Becca, stated that not only does the waste get artistically painted all over the floors, but it can also gum up the machine when it gets stuck in tire treads and brushes.

IRobot, the creator of the Roomba, is aware that poop and its vacuums do not mix. They even advise users not to run their product when there’s even a possibility that your pet could leave you an unwanted surprise.

The company is now even considering the idea of creating a feces detection system. At this point, there is no system or sensor in place, but the company is committed to giving users the best experience possible. The firm is aware that this is an ongoing issue and maybe someday will be able to roll out a solution for owners of incontinent pets everywhere.

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