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Protect your toothbrush from your toilet with the Puretta Toothbrush Station

puretta toothbrush station
Odd, isn’t it, that the tools we use to clean our teeth are housed in the same (usually small) room that we take care of, shall we say, pressing business. If the notion of keeping your toothbrush near your toilet has ever given you the heebie jeebies, there may finally be good news for you. It’s all thanks to the design team at Puretta Technology, which has just launched their Puretta Multifunctional Toothbrush Station on Kickstarter. Heralded as the ultimate multifunctional toothbrush sterilizer, this clever toothbrush holder is much more than a home for your brushes — rather, it uses infrared and solar power to sterilize its contents, promising to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs.

“Bathrooms are a scary place to keep your toothbrush, even though that’s where everyone is prone to keep them,” the Puretta team notes. “Every day our toothbrushes are exposed to invisible germs and bacteria that fill every corner and are continually exposed to the splash zone, which in turn can be downright disgusting and harmful to you and your loved ones health.” The Puretta seeks to change all of that.

Capable of holding four toothbrushes as well as your toothpaste, this holder will not only serve an aesthetic and organizational purpose for your bathroom, but also claims to improve both your bathroom cleanliness (at least, in one spot), and your personal health and hygiene. The bacteria-blasting light of the Puretta is powered by a solar panel, so if your bathroom is a windowless place, this appliance may not work. If, on the other hand, you are blessed with a bright place to do your business, you can depend upon the Puretta. Having a solar panel eliminates the need for complicated and unsightly cords (which could also pose an electrical hazard).

The back area of the Puretta also can store razors, dental floss, and other teeth-cleaning utensils. The smart infrared light promises to automatically shut off its UV cleaning process whenever someone comes into close proximity, so you don’t have to worry about being harmed by your toothbrush holder.

You can pre-order a Puretta now from Kickstarter for $59, with an estimated delivery date of October.

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