Don’t waste time brushing your own teeth — Amabrush does it better, faster

Most people spend a few minutes brushing their teeth before starting their day and after the day is through. While it may not seem like a lot of time wasted, it adds up to over 100 days’ worth during a lifetime. Amabrush is the first fully automatic toothbrush that finishes the job in just 10 seconds, giving users more time to do more important things.

The traditional brushing method takes time. People have to squeeze, scrub, gargle, spit, rinse, and floss every morning and night, every day. Because of this, many people don’t brush as often as they should or leave out flossing whenever possible. Amabrush is a device three years in the making, designed to make toothbrushing faster, more efficient, and automatic. All users have to do is press a single button, wait 10 seconds, spit, and rinse.

To keep clean, the flexible mouthpiece is made from antibacterial silicone that kills more than 99 percent of all bacteria. Bristles are arranged at 45-degree angles on both sides to clean every tooth at once. This simulates the Bass method, which is recommended by dentists. The bristles are soft enough to prevent damage to the gums but strong enough to clean teeth precisely. Microchannels built into the mouthpiece transport the toothpaste throughout the device. Cleaning is as easy as rinsing off in the sink and just like a regular toothbrush, the mouthpiece should be replaced every three to six months.

All the complex technology sits inside the handpiece along with the toothpaste capsule. At the touch of a button, a built-in mechanism foams and delivers the liquid toothpaste. The toothpaste comes in three FDA-approved varieties: Blue for extra fresh, white for whitening, and rose for sensitive. Simultaneously, the handpiece creates strong vibrations to oscillate the bristles and clean the teeth. Because each tooth is cleaned at the same time, the process is done after just 10 seconds. With a normal toothbrush and the recommended 120 seconds of brushing, each surface gets brushed for only 1.25 seconds.

The battery within the handpiece uses just enough power to last for 28 sessions on a single charge. This means users can go on vacation and still brush their teeth twice a day for two weeks without using the charging station.

For sharing purposes, multiple mouthpieces can use the same handpiece. A strong magnet connects the two together, so when it is time to share, simply remove and swap the current mouthpiece.

Amabrush is currently available for pre-order via Kickstarter. The basic model goes for about $90 and comes with a handpiece, mouthpiece, toothpaste capsule, and basic charger. For $10 more, backers can get a second mouthpiece and toothpaste capsule for their significant other. Those looking for a wireless charging station will need to pay $113 for the Amabrush Pro. This package also includes two extra toothpaste capsules. Shipments go out in December.

After the Kickstarter campaign finishes, replacement supplies will be available through an Amabrush online shop. Individual mouthpieces cost about $7 while toothpaste capsules go for about $3.50. Subscriptions come with additional discounts.