Rapha designs new jeans for urban cyclists

rapha designs new jeans for urban cyclists rapha2

Premium roadwear company Rapha has designed the perfect cycle gear for the urban cyclist, or anyone who prefers to ride the city in non-spandex materials. The classic, dark, straight-leg jeans are made from a nylon-denim blend yarn that is durable and has just enough stretch for cycling use. The fabric is water-repellent, stain-resistant, and even quick-drying for those times when you get stuck in the rain.

rapha designs new jeans for urban cyclists rapha1

Tailored specifically for cylists, the jeans have a high-backed waist and lower cut front, as well as offset seams and belt loops to prevent dreaded chafing. The company didn’t forget safety factors, adding a special reflective motif on the inside of the right leg (with leg-rolling in mind) with a highly visible pink binding and a white contrast belt loop on the rear of the waistband. The jeans will be available from Rapha sometime this month.