Reflective biker socks and gloves keep you visible at night

reflective biker socks and gloves keep you visible at night 040711 1

Even if you are just a cycling commuter who rides to and from work year round, the winter months will inevitably have you riding home from work in the dark, which requires appropriate gear and proper cycling etiquette. Flashing lights and bright clothing are a good start to making sure you are visible to passing cars, but SUCK UK takes safety even further with well-designed socks and gloves that help you be seen. The Reflective Biker Socks or Gloves ($24) will supplement your current cycling gear, keep you warm in the colder months, and act as a safety tool. The socks are perfect for cyclists who like to tuck their pants into their socks to prevent chain jamming, with a reflective patch sewn to the back with a bicycle logo. The gloves will not only keep your hands toasty, but reflective arrow patches sewn onto each hand let you signal in the dark before making a turn. As SUCK UK explains, if you’re going to wear socks and gloves anyway, they might as well help keep you safe, too. We approve.