Rememberings put a new twist on an old memory solution

rememberings put a new twist on an old memory solution 013012 1If you have ever told your mom or grandmother that you needed to remember to do something, you may recall her saying something about tying a string around your finger in an effort to remind yourself. It’s an old adage, to be sure, but we haven’t seen many people these days walking around with string bows on their fingers. If you’re one to always forget the most important thing on your to-do list, Rememberings has come up with a modern homage to that traditional wisdom that is both fun and helpful. 

Instead of a string around your finger that tells you nothing about what you are actually supposed to remember, Rememberings ($18 for 5) give users a colorful, fun, and descriptive way to remind themselves of exactly what needs to be done that day. If you remember that you need to pay bills right before you go to bed, when you probably aren’t going to go do them that minute, just slip the “pay bills” ring on a finger and in the morning when you head to your desk, you’ll have a little reminder of what you thought to do the night before. We can’t count the number of times that we have made a mental to-do list for the day and forgotten one or all of the items by the time we actually wanted to do them. We know we’re not alone here. 

They might seem a little silly at first glance, but we can see these coming in handy on a million different occasions. We can also see many more inscriptions that could be made, like “pack phone charger,” “bring cash,” or “send thank you note,” just to name a few. What would be even better is if you could create your own personalized Rememberings for the things you most often forget. We can dream, but for now we’ll settle for the simple reminders that are probably most important, like don’t forget to call your mother.