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Roku introduces $50 LT model with support for HBO GO

When the Roku set top box first came out, it offered users only the chance to watch Netflix streaming on their TVs instead of computers. Three years later and Roku now has several different devices offering over 300 media channels for streaming. The latest model to join the family is the Roku LT, which will debut this November for a budget-friendly price of only $50. The Roku LT has built-in wireless, which means quick and easy set up for streaming on almost any TV, and offers access to all of Roku’s 300+ channels, including the big guns like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Pandora, and Disney. 

With the release of the new device, Roku is also adding one more big name channel to its lineup. Roku users who subscribe to HBO will now have access to HBO GO, the premium network’s on-demand service. This is a coup for HBO fans and Roku users alike, particularly because neither Hulu Plus or Netflix offer current HBO episodes from shows like True Blood or Boardwalk Empire. Those who don’t have an HBO subscription can get some of the network’s shows through Amazon Instant Video, but shows like True Blood have a high price tag of $2.09 per episode. 

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The LT device will offer streaming in 720p HD, but if you want full 1080p resolution or other Roku features like games and a free full edition of Angry Birds, you’ll have to spring for the Roku 2 XD ($80) or the Roku 2 XS ($100). These more expensive models may have a few more features, but we think the $50 Roku LT would make a pretty great stocking stuffer, particularly for someone who doesn’t have a set-top box or console already. 

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