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Samsung DV8750 dryer review

Is it time to ditch the iron? Samsung’s heavy-duty dryer tackles wrinkles

Samsung DV8750 review
Samsung DV8750 dryer
MSRP $1,299.00
“This Samsung dryer is so easy to use, anyone in your family tall enough to reach the controls should be able to run a load.”
  • Can handle double loads
  • Steam option
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Time remaining doesn’t accurately tell you how long until the load is done

Dryers are often the unsung heroes of the laundry room. We depend on them to get our clothes dry, but curse them when they shrink our beloved t-shirts, or make them so riddled with wrinkles that we can’t wear them without first giving them a pass under the iron. That’s why, when you find a model that does a solid job every time, it’s hard to point out what makes it so different. Case in point is the Samsung DV8750 ($899), the companion unit to the Samsung WF7500 AddWash washing machine. Like a Subaru, this dryer is reliable and performs solidly with each use. We just wish the steam feature worked a little bit harder on wrinkled clothing.

Easy to look at, easy to use

The dark gray (also available in white) dryer looks like it would add a touch of style to any laundry room. The 7.4 cubic feet machine can handle double loads and heavy blankets with ease, so it’s no surprise that it has a large footprint, measuring 45.5inches high by 30 inches wide by 33.2 inches deep. Both the gray color and tint on the dark gray front door make it a looks-worthy companion to the Samsung WF7500.

Despite the many options for drying laundry, we did appreciate that the control panel was so straight forward to use. You could only make additions/changes to the controls based on the cycle you choose. The flat feature panel consists of buttons and a digital clock that informs you how long a cycle should take to complete and the time remaining when in use. Unfortunately, the “time to complete” readings can’t really be relied upon, as it often took longer to dry our clothes than it indicated. Before selecting any cycles, you’ll need to press the power button first. The machine doesn’t automatically turn on when you put clothes in and shut the door. However, when you take out the clothes, the dryer automatically turns off.

We wish the steam feature worked a little bit harder on wrinkled clothing.

The cycle selector includes options for Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Bedding, Delicates, Refresh, Wrinkle Away, Steam Sanitize, Active Wear, Time Dry, Quick Dry, and Air Fluff.  Depending on the cycle you choose, you can also add modifications like Eco Dry, Mixed Load Bell, Anti Static, Wrinkle Prevent, Adjust Time, Smart Control, and My Cycle. You can customize the dry level (Very, More, Normal, Less, and Dampl), temperature (High, Medium, Med Low, Low, and Extra Low), and the time (60, 50, 40, 30, or 20 minutes). You may have noticed that there’s a steam option, and that will require you to connect the dryer to a cold water tap.

As noted, there’s also an option for “My Cycle”, which is something you can set in the Samsung Smart Home app, and is available for Android and iOS devices. We should note that Wrinkle Prevent isn’t available when using the My Cycle setting. To use the feature, you’ll need to get the Smart Home Adapter (about the size of a standard USB thumb drive), which plugs into a USB port on top of the machine. Even though we didn’t have the adapter and couldn’t test this feature, we particularly liked the way Samsung implemented Wi-Fi into this machine, as it’s essentially providing its own router, which should make connecting the app on your phone to the machine a painless process. That hasn’t always been the experience we’ve had testing other Wi-Fi-enabled appliances.

Don’t throw away your iron just yet

This Samsung dryer is so easy to use anyone in your family tall enough to reach the controls should be able to run a load. Once you load the machine, press the power button, and select your settings, press the Start/Pause button (the play button icon). This action locks the main door and starts the cycle. The DV8750 also features a child lock, and when activated, all buttons except the power are disabled. You can activate/deactivate the feature by simultaneously pressing Dry Level and Temp button for three seconds.

Samsung DV8750 review
Riley Young/Digital Trends

We dried a variety of loads over a few months and were mostly satisfied with the results. Our clothes were always dry by the time we heard that familiar Samsung tone alerting us the load was ready, and it didn’t shrink any of our clothes. To put the Steam setting to the test, we did loads at different settings and tested the steam feature on a wrinkled shirt. The first load was filled with two king size summer blankets. We dried the blankets on the Normal setting, High Temp, and added the Wrinkle Prevent option. The machine informed us it would take one hour and 20 minutes to complete, but it was a bit longer than that. Still the blankets came out completely dry and not horribly wrinkled — nothing we couldn’t smooth out with our hands when we placed them back on the beds.

The control panel doesn’t suffer from the typical littering of too many wash options, making it easy to use out of the box.

The second load was more on the light side with just a few tops, pants, and dish towels that we dried using the Quick Dry setting. Those items came out dry in a little over half an hour. To see how well the steam feature worked, we put a severely wrinkled, dry shirt (it looked as if it was sitting balled up for a month under a big pile of dirty clothes in a closet) in the dryer. Halfway through, we paused the cycle and opened the door to get a better idea of what this steaming option entailed. The shirt was completely wet and smelled like, well, steam. By the time the cycle finished, the shirt was dry and considerably less wrinkled, but it was far from what an iron or professional dry cleaner could do.

Warranty information

This Samsung DV8750 comes with a limited one-year warranty that covers all parts and labor.

Our Take

The Samsung DV8750 is a perfectly fine machine that can handle a ton of laundry, but it won’t get any awards for speed. The dryer is easy to use and a solid companion to WF7500. Combined, the two units will take up a fair amount of room in a laundry room, so if you’re putting the machines in a closet, measure twice before purchasing. While the steam feature is nice, it’s not a real game changer, so don’t let that be your deciding factor.

Is there a better alternative?

Though more expensive, the Samsung DV60M9900 FlexDry dryer is a smidge bigger and features a fancy drying rack for sweaters and other delicates that you don’t want to dry in the main compartment.

How long will it last?

According to the experts, the dryer should last between 10 to 13 years.

Should you buy it?

At under $1,000, this is a decent purchase for the money. This Samsung dryer shouldn’t let you down and could be the perfect workhorse for a busy family who goes through a ton of laundry. If your heart is already set on the WF7500 washing machine for its convenient AddWash functionality, buying this companion model is a good idea. For those who live in a one- or two-member household, this model might be a bit much for your needs.

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