Joni Blecher

Joni Blecher

Joni Blecher has been reviewing consumer tech products since before cell phones had color screens. She loves testing products and making sure they work the right way. When she’s not reviewing gadgets, she writes stories that help people make the most of the tech in their lives.

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It roasts! It grinds! It brews! But this coffee wonder has a bitter side

The all-in-one smart Bonaverde Berlin Brewing System lets you roast, grind, and brew from green coffee beans. But is all this work to make an average-tasting cup of Joe worth ditching your regular coffee maker?
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Is it time to ditch the iron? Samsung’s heavy-duty dryer tackles wrinkles

The Samsung 7.4 cubic feet electric dryer is a real powerhouse, loaded with options a plethora of options including steaming clothes. We ran some test loads to see how it stacks up against the competition.
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Add clothes on the fly with the Samsung AddWash Washing Machine

The Samsung AddWash front load washer lets you add clothes to a running load, but how does it clean clothes? We took the machine for a test run in our office to see how well it destroys stains.
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Can’t decide between coffee and cappuccino? Now you don’t have to

Some days you want straight coffee, while other days you need a stronger kick in the you-know-what. But who has both a coffee and an espresso machine? With the DeLonghi BC0430 Coffee Machine, you can have the best of both worlds.
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Samsung DW80M9 Chef Collection dishwasher review

Samsung aims to change the dishwasher game with its newest model, the DW80M9 Chef Collection model featuring Samsung’s WaterWall technology. But it’s the thoughtful design elements that really make this dishwasher stand out.
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Change your habits and win the snoring debate with the Nokia sleep sensing pad

How far off is a good night sleep? With the aid of the Nokia Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad, a more restful night is just in reach. Better yet, the app will help you prove you don’t snore as much as your significant other might…