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Panasonic’s new Automatic Bread Maker targets gluten-free bakers

The days of staying inside baking and binge-watching Netflix because of the pandemic may be over, but our fascination with making bread hasn’t waned. Panasonic’s latest entry into the bread-making market has all the features you’ve come to expect in a bread maker, and a few you didn’t. The Automatic Bread Maker (SD-R2550) is aimed at helping bakers of all kinds enjoy baking bread at home. The new model has 20 pre-set programs — four aimed at gluten-free bread, pizza, cake, and pasta dough.

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD R2550.

Panasonic’s bread maker takes the guesswork out of baking bread. There are plenty of helpful features for those just getting started, as well as seasoned bread bakers. You can select a loaf size (medium, large, and x-large) and use one of the many included recipes to make everything from brioche and doughs to jam. New bakers will appreciate the manual setting modes that replicate kneading and handle fermentation. The Double Temperature Sensor will measure the room’s temp and the internal temp of the bread maker and will automatically adjust the rising time for the dough — a feature contestants on The Great British Bake Off would like during the dreaded bread week competition.

Along with the included recipe book, the Automatic Bread Maker comes with a non-stick, ribbed bread pan, sourdough cup/starter spoon, and a measuring cup/spoon. There’s even a built-in raisin and nut dispenser for funneling nuts, raisins, and seeds into the pan at the precise time to ensure even distribution. Interested in trying it out for yourself? The is available on Amazon for $299.

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While most booths at this year's IFA 2016 in Berlin will be showing off particular gadgets and services for the visitors to play around with, Panasonic is looking to create a portal to the future. Through the theme of "A better life, a better world," Panasonic is showing off a new type of living environment, built around modern electronics in the modern home.

Perhaps the most traditional products on show are the connected appliances. Smart plugs, remotes, and sensors allow for controlling a number of devices remotely and from around the home, while smart displays on cupboard doors operate transparently unless needed. Lighting and ambient sound are also tracked and controlled automatically, with high-activity moods leading to more exciting lighting, while relaxing scenarios will see everything calm down to match what's going on.

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High-tech foodie? This latest innovation from Panasonic has your name written all over it. Over the weekend, the Japanese company unveiled the world's very first Countertop Induction Oven (CIO) at the International Home + Housewares Show. The device promises to take your raw produce and proteins and turn them into a meal in just 20 minutes. So if you're short on time or short on cooking skills, this counter-top tool may be the best thing that's ever happened to your stomach.

While Panasonic's newest product may look an awful lot like your trusty microwave, don't be fooled -- this is an induction oven, just much smaller than what you're used to seeing (induction is normally confined to cooking ranges or full-sized ovens). The CIO actually uses magnetic induction to heat the cooking surface, by passing an alternating electrical current through a copper wire. This means less preheating time, less energy used, and ultimately, a faster cooking experience.

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A new Target store will focus exclusively smart-home devices. When it opens on Friday, customers will be able to view and learn about 35 different Internet-connected household items. Not only will the goal be to sell these gadgets, the store is intended to provide tutorials, gather innovators, and inform the retail chain's efforts to sell these products across stores.

Target Open House, the 3,500 square-foot storefront, is located on San Francisco's Fourth Street and features a transparent house that shows smart devices in action, according to ReCode. Projected silhouettes demonstrate how they could be incorporated into your daily life, from a coffee maker turning on when you wake up to a phone alert when your baby stirs (assuming you have one). Behind the scenes, an app called Yonomi will keep the connected devices working together. Instead of requiring a hub that lets devices running on different protocols communicate, everything syncs through your phone, thanks to Yonomi. "We wanted to make it work for you instead of making more work for you," the company's CEO and co-founder Kent Dickson told Digital Trends.

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