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Panasonic’s new Automatic Bread Maker targets gluten-free bakers

The days of staying inside baking and binge-watching Netflix because of the pandemic may be over, but our fascination with making bread hasn’t waned. Panasonic’s latest entry into the bread-making market has all the features you’ve come to expect in a bread maker, and a few you didn’t. The Automatic Bread Maker (SD-R2550) is aimed at helping bakers of all kinds enjoy baking bread at home. The new model has 20 pre-set programs — four aimed at gluten-free bread, pizza, cake, and pasta dough.

Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker SD R2550.

Panasonic’s bread maker takes the guesswork out of baking bread. There are plenty of helpful features for those just getting started, as well as seasoned bread bakers. You can select a loaf size (medium, large, and x-large) and use one of the many included recipes to make everything from brioche and doughs to jam. New bakers will appreciate the manual setting modes that replicate kneading and handle fermentation. The Double Temperature Sensor will measure the room’s temp and the internal temp of the bread maker and will automatically adjust the rising time for the dough — a feature contestants on The Great British Bake Off would like during the dreaded bread week competition.

Along with the included recipe book, the Automatic Bread Maker comes with a non-stick, ribbed bread pan, sourdough cup/starter spoon, and a measuring cup/spoon. There’s even a built-in raisin and nut dispenser for funneling nuts, raisins, and seeds into the pan at the precise time to ensure even distribution. Interested in trying it out for yourself? The is available on Amazon for $299.

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