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WEGYM Rally X3 Pro review: a data-rich exercise routine

Woman working out with WEGYM resistance bands.
WEGYM Rally X3 Pro review: a data-rich exercise routine
MSRP $249.99
“The Rally X3 Pro resistance bands are a solid choice for people who travel a lot and want to have a reliable workout routine while on the road.”
  • Long battery life
  • Provides lots of data
  • Large variety of workouts in the app
  • Access to workouts doesn't cost extra
  • Can be cumbersome to use
  • Expensive

Earlier this year, I tried WeGym smart resistance bands, and while I loved the concept, I thought the product could use some tweaks. I could see from the updated app that change was on the way, and I was excited when the new Rally X3 Pro smart resistance bands arrived at my door a few months later.

WEGYM Rally X3 Pro: same functionality, improved design

What's included with WEGYM Rally X3 Pro.

There’s not a lot you can do to change how resistance bands look, but there were some noticeable enhancements. First, the orange and black color scheme has been replaced with a slick black and gray one (there are also available in Bordeaux and black and dark green and black). You still get the same accessories two wristbands, two ankle bands, adjustable resistance bands with sensors, and door and object anchors. At the top of one of the resistance bands is a touchscreen LCD display. This addition is by far our favorite. What’s nice about it is that you can track your workout on this display. Even if you don’t have your phone with the app nearby, you can still see your progress.

The app stores all your workout data, but you don’t need to be synced up to see how many reps you’ve completed.

You’ll find Settings (language and turning on/off voice), Calibration, Brightness (adjust the LCD display), My Data (calories burned, workout length, average/max weight), and Training. Select the Training option when you’re ready to start your workout, and then it tracks how many reps and at what weight and calories burned.

Syncing the WEGYM Rally X3 Pro with your phone

There have been a few app updates since I last reviewed these and they are welcome enhancements. It’s got a sleeker look and navigation is much easier — more on that later. The good news is that even though the app has been updated and has automatically updated on my phone, my data from the previous model was still in the app. The bad news is that adding the new bands to my app was a bit challenging. However, a simple uninstall and reinstall of the app did the trick, and my data was still available. Again, when I logged into my account, the data was still intact. Speaking of logging in, you can use Google and Facebook, and you can now also use Apple — a nice addition.

The app has a cleaner look, and it’s easy to jump into a workout from the home screen. You can either create an exercise plan, pick a workout the app thinks you might like, or choose an area (health improvement, shaping, core, freestyle, or strength) or body part you want to focus on, and it will serve up exercise routines. Each routine tells you how long it should take and approximately how many calories it should burn. Routines also last anywhere between five minutes to more than half an hour. The app will record your progress.

Working out with the WEGYM Rally X3 Pro

WEGYM exercise video demo.

When you’re ready to work out, select a video, connect the correct pieces to the resistance band, and press play. The videos take a minute or so to load — that’s plenty of time to make sure your equipment is well-situated and you’ve got some water. The workouts begin and end with a warmup and some stretching. Before you do each exercise, you can watch a person performing it so you know what to do. There is enough time between sets to make any adjustments to the band placements, and there is about a 20- to 30-second break between sets.

You’ll get notes on your performance while you work out; some are quite encouraging, and others not so much.

How smart are the Rally X3 Pro bands? Well, they do know when you’re not keeping up with the video and will tell you, “You’re losing the pace.” On the other hand, if you’re performing the exercises well and in time with the video, they’ll provide some encouragement and say, “Hang in there, victory is just around the corner.” If you’re performing the exercise incorrectly, it will let you know that too and point out what you’re doing incorrectly so you can adjust your form. I never could adjust my form in time to still stay in speed, but it still counted how many times I did a specific movement.

Once you complete a workout, you get stats on your performance and some coach suggestions. You can even share a snapshot of your workout with anyone. The app will also provide options for your next workout. The routines are solid; however, working with the bands can be a bit cumbersome at first. They are heavier than typical resistance bands, and the adjustable resistance weights can get in the way if you keep them at the lowest weight setting. That said, it is possible to get a solid full-body workout in your home or on the road.

WEGYM resistance band workout data.

How smart is this workout?

There is definitely an interest in smart exercise equipment, and the devices are improving. There’s everything from exercise bikes to rowing machines to smart mirror workouts. The Rally X3 Pro resistance bands are one of the more portable solutions that can become more challenging as you get stronger. The latest model has noticeable changes that do make a difference: the sensors work better, the data tracking is much more accurate, and the adjustable resistance weights are secure.

At $250, the bands are less expensive than a home gym system that’s designed to provide a full-body workout. One big plus is that there is no subscription fee required to access workouts. However, one of the nice things about resistance bands is that they’re fairly affordable (typically under $50 for a robust set) and highly portable, making them great for working out while on the road. It’s true that you can take the Rally X3 Pro resistance bands on the road (they even have a travel bag), but they will take up the space of a couple of pairs of ladies shoes in a suitcase.

I do like the Rally X3 Pro and the multitude of exercises these resistance bands provide. You really can get a full-body workout and constantly switch up your routine, but they’re still a bit spendy. I get why they are expensive — there are a lot of smarts in the bands and the app, and they do work well together. If you know people who travel a lot and want to commit to a solid workout regimen, these would help them get the job done on the road and provide all the data they need.

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