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Electrolux EFME627UTT 8.0 Cubic Feet 600 Series Front Load Electric Dryer review

Electrolux Washer And Dryer side by side
Electrolux EFME627UTT 8.0 Cubic Feet 600 Series Front Load Electric Dryer
MSRP $1,350.00
“This top-of-the-line model sports a load of features that are ideal for a busy family or household.”
  • Wrinkle control
  • Spacious
  • Steam option
  • Fast dry cycle
  • Cycles can run longer than time allotted
  • Short cycle works best with smaller loads

The Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Electric Dryer with PredictiveDry and Instant Refresh is super spacious and capable of handling multiple blankets. Best of all, this model’s internal LED lighting can help you find that missing sock hidden in the dryer’s crevices.

Built for Bulky Items

The white (also available in gray) dryer has all of the top of the line features including steam with wrinkle release. This Electrolux model, when paired with the Electrolux Series 600 washer, will add style to even the dullest basement laundry rooms. Like most dryers, the Electrolux has a reversible door. Perhaps our favorite design feature is the basket style lint screen because it’s easy to clean and has double the space for collecting dryer debris.

The 8.0 cubic feet dryer measures 38 x 27 x 31.5 inches (H x W x D), so even though you can get an accessory to stack it on top of the washer, you’ll probably enjoy it more when placed side-by-side. The Electrolux’s companion washer is similar in size. If you’re looking for a more ergonomic setup, there’s an optional 15-inch pedestal available, so you can use the machine without bending over.

The Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam 600 series dryer is loaded with easy to use settings. You can select cycles for Heavy/Towels, Allergen, Normal, Acitvewear, Mixed Load, 15-minute Fast Dry, Delicates, time Dry, and Instant Refresh. Once you select a cycle, you can customize the temperature (sanitize, high, normal, low, and air dry), the degree of dryness (max, high, normal, less, and damp), and drying time (auto, 75 min., 60 min., 45 min., and 30 min.). Additional options include Perfect Steam, Anti-Static, Eco, Wrinkle Release, Extended Tumble, Delay Time, and Control Lock. The options you select depending on which dry cycle you initially select.

On the far-right side of the panel, there are buttons for Start/Pause and Cancel. The LED display features a large digital timer (you can see remaining time quite a distance), and information about the machine’s sound, the lock, and if it’s an eco-friendly load. You don’t have to wonder if it’s time to clean the lint screen because when it is, the Clean Lint letters will illuminate on the display. Once you load items into the machine, press the power button to select your settings and press Start. The timer on the digital display informs you how long the cycle should take to complete.

Drying Dynamo

We used the Electrolux dryer over a few months, and we were pleased with the results. In general, cycles tended to run a tad longer than what it says on the digital display. But typically, it wasn’t longer than an additional ten minutes. You can also change the settings during a cycle by pressing the Start/Pause button, make the new selection, and then press Start.

The 15-minute dry cycle works great in a pinch on small loads.

During our testing, we did two loads of a variety of items, including delicates, tablecloths, and button-up shirts. We dried the clothes using Activewear, Normal temperature, and Normal dry and the auto time setting. After 35 minutes, the fairly heavy load came out dry. Additionally, we put a dry, wrinkled shirt in the drier and put on the Instant Refresh cycle with the Perfect Steam option, and while the top didn’t come out perfect, most of the wrinkles were out. We did appreciate the 15-minute dry cycle, which works great on small loads.

Warranty information

The Electrolux dryer comes with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor. During the second year of ownership, Electrolux will pay to replace defective parts, but labor isn’t included after the first year.

Our take

The Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer is a solid machine. This top-of-the-line model sports a load of features that are ideal for a busy family or household. However, if you just need a basic dryer, then this model is more than you want.

Is there a better alternative?

We were impressed with this dryer and is comparable to other high-end models available. If you’re interested in a solid model with fewer bells and whistles that costs less, check out the LG DLE7100W. The dryer is a bit smaller at 7.3 cubic feet and costs about half the price. When buying any dryer, you should make a list of must-have features. Check out our washer and drying buying guide to get an idea of what’s available.

How long will it last?

According to the experts, this Electrolux front loader dryer should last between 10 to 13 years.

Should you buy it?

The Electrolux Front Load Perfect Steam Dryer 600 Series is impressive and loaded with features that can go the distance. However, you will be paying for it—this dryer costs over $1,300. While that is expensive, remember, you likely won’t be replacing it for another ten years.

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