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Bosch shows off security assistant and souped-up food processor at CES

Bosch, a company known for its high-end appliances, unveiled some new innovations at CES. Perhaps the most interesting device is Spexor, the company’s mobile security assistant that’s on the lookout for just about anything in the home that might cause harm. The product looks like a cross between an early Google Home speaker and a character you might see on Star Wars.

Spexor senses when something’s wrong

The Spexor device uses sensors to detect anything from changes in the temperature to indoor/outdoor air quality and even break-ins. The diminutive unit (4.7-inches tall ) does all this without the use of a camera or voice recorder. Spexor uses a combination of noise and motion sensor signals to sense changes in the environment.

Once set up, you can decide what type of alarm it will emit: Fflashing lights, loud audio alerts, or both. Either way, you’ll always get an alert on your phone. Another nice feature is that you can assign Spexor various names to monitor different locations (car, garage, etc.), so you can move it around and use it in more than one place.

Cookit does just that and more

Bosch also showed off Cookit, a smart cooking device that seems to do a lot: It’s a food processor, cooker, fryer, and steamer. The three cooking modes offer 27 different functions, so the product can pretty much make anything. To accomplish this task, Cookit comes with a bevy or accessories including a spinning knife, 3D stirrer, whisks, and shredders. Of course, it comes with an app that includes countless recipes, with more added weekly. You can even use applets to connect Cookit with your Fitbit, so you can monitor the status of your food.

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