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Samsung’s Jetbot robot vacuum mops floors, converts to a wall and window cleaner

Samsung already has an existing line of robot vacuums capable of cleaning dirt and debris, but what about spills or perhaps something that’ll give your hard surfaces at home a bit of shine and cleanliness? Samsung’s Jetbot Mop is a smart mop capable of cleaning tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood floors — plus it doubles as a handheld cleaner for walls and windows! The dual spinning pads clean and buff the floor, and the up-to-100-minute cleaning time means your floor will sparkle when the Jetbot finishes. The tanks automatically dispense fluid and only require a refill after 50 minutes of runtime.

The Jetbot Mop has smart sensors that allow it to navigate throughout your home and avoid obstacles like furniture and carpet. It’s also designed to clean along edges to give a more complete, thorough clean. The truly surprising part of the Jetbot Mop is its versatility. In addition to cleaning floors, the Jetbot Mop can be switched to a handheld mode for cleaning your walls and windows. It’s perfect for cleaning the tile in the bathroom or for wiping grime off windows.

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With the holiday season on the way, more people are thinking about ways to keep their home clean. While robot vacuums make day-to-day cleaning simple, what about those times when you have a localized mess — like a flour spill when baking? Samsung offers an alternative with the Jet Stick Vacuum.

The Jet Stick Vacuums are cordless vacuums designed to be used in any space, on any floor. They are lightweight and have up to 200 watts of suction power and a five-layer HEPA filtration system that traps up to 99.99% of dust particles and allergens. With fall allergies on the way, the Jet Stick Vacuums could help reduce the amount of sneezing and itchy eyes in your household.

The Jet Stick Vacuums can run up to 60 minutes on a single charge, and the battery is easy to remove so it can be swapped for a spare. The vacuum takes 3.5 hours to charge and comes in at just six pounds, with a 180-degree swivel head that makes it easy to clean under furniture.

The Jetbot Mop is available for $250, while the Jet 90 Cordless Stick Vacuum is $600. The devices are part of a new initiative from Samsung to make cleaning the home easier while reducing the amount of effort needed for necessary tasks like cooking and laundry.

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