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Samsung’s Powerbot R7260 robot vacuum uses a rubber blade to clean corners

The new Samsung Powerbot R7260 has 40 times more cleaning ability than its competitors, the company says — and if that doesn’t get your attention, the odd body shape will. The new Powerbot doesn’t look like your average robot vacuum, because it isn’t designed like most robot vacuums.
First, it features a roller brush that sweeps up particles much like a regular upright vacuum. This is a big departure from the spinning plastic brushes that are typical on robot vacuums. These brushes tend to get twisted and bent within just a few cleanings, so this brush looks much more durable and dependable. The new roller brush is also self-cleaning, so it doesn’t get entwined on hair and threads that it picks up off the floor. An internal cleaner wipes away the tangles before they can build.
It also features a rubber blade that pops out and wipes away dust and pet hair away from floor edges and corners, places that typically go untouched by other robot vacuums. The oversized wheels also take on rugs and thicker carpets without a problem and it can automatically sense a change between hardwood, tile, and carpet and adjust its suction.
The Powerbot R7260 can run for 90 minutes without needing a charge. When it does run low on juice, it will send itself back to its charging station. Then it will automatically continue cleaning when it’s done charging.
One of the most annoying things about robot vacuums is trying to get it to clean a certain spot. More often than not, they wander off and leave the mess for later. The Samsung Powerbot R7260 has a Point Cleaning feature that literally lets you point out where you want it to clean using its remote.
If you don’t want to use the remote, or you tend to lose it, there are options. You can also control the Powerbot R7260 with an app on your phone or control the vacuum with voice commands through Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Samsung Powerbot R7260 retails for $799 and can be purchased on the Samsung website. If you’re looking for a dependable robot vacuum we’ve compiled our list for top picks for 2019 to help you make an informed decision.

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