This $8.6M apartment will disconnect you from the outside world

Back in March, Dolmio released a video for a pepper grinder that blocks Wi-Fi signals, so families could enjoy dinner without everyone glued to their phones. One apartment takes that concept to a whole new level: Your cell phone won’t work anywhere in the whole place.

A new $8.6 million co-op listing has garnered the attention of many, specifically because it was engineered to block all external signals, according to Curbed. Even if you tried to make a call with your smartphone, you wouldn’t be able to from inside of this apartment. The apartment is decked out in thick paint composed of graphite, designed to block all signals around the structure. Wire tape further shields the apartment, and the windows have a polymer coating that blocks electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The apartment’s owners were concerned about radiation from cell phones, according to the website for the apartment, which is located at 2170 Jackson Street. Whether or not cell phones cause cancer is a topic of debate and research, with many experts agreeing studies have been inconclusive while not ruling out the possibility.

Initially, the apartments’ owners deconstructed the place down to its bare bones. Once the floors and walls were gone, the new external walls with graphite paint went up. Then, the wire tape created a seal between the walls and floors, and the windows were coated with the special polymer. The end result was essentially a Faraday cage, which means EMF radiation does not enter the apartment.

If you’re willing to pay the $8.6 million, you’ll also get 3,428 square feet of space, three bedrooms, and four-and-a-half bathrooms. There is a one-car garage, and the apartment building is close to several schools in the area.

If you can get past the lack of reception, the views from the apartment are pretty spectacular. Hey, there’s always landlines.