Show off your ale affinity with the ‘Many Varieties of Beer’ poster

show off your ale affinity with the many varieties of beer poster

We’re all aware of the fact that wine drinkers like to be educated about all things wine-related and tend to share that wisdom with anyone who will listen. Beer drinkers aren’t like that, you say? Well, it’s no longer just a debate of Coors Light vs. Bud Light in this country. With more tiny microbreweries popping up everywhere we turn (especially in our home base of Portland, the microbrewery capitol), beer drinking is itself becoming a fine art. There are countless varieties of beer and each is crafted a bit differently, with different ingredients and nuances. Learn all about your favorite beverage and its varieties with the Many Varieties of Beer Poster ($25) from the folks over at Pop Chart Lab. The poster is a family tree of sorts for the beer family, detailing categories and subcategories of both lagers and ales. By the time you’ve read the whole thing, you will be able to one up those wine snobs with just as much annoying drink knowledge. The posters are made in Brooklyn on 100 lb archival recycled stock and each one is signed and numbered by the artists.