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Sit on Everything creates boxy furniture that can look like just about anything

Furniture never looked so … real. Or so unlike furniture. For all those times that you’ve wanted to sit on a stack of Benjamins, a head of broccoli, or a giant slab of marble, all while staying clean and comfortable, this is your chance. Meet the folks at Benj&Soto, the brilliant minds behind the soft cubes known as Sit on Everything. And really, what they mean is that you can sit on anything.

These crate-esque cubes are made of a soft foam that has been treated with layers of FiberCoatings, resulting in what Benj&Soto calls “a soft and strong protected foam.” Durable and easy to maintain, these water resistant cubes can be used inside or outside, depending on the aesthetic you’re trying to craft. Because why not put a giant block of wood in the middle of your living room, and a strawberry on your porch?

To transfer the truly impressive designs onto these foam seats, the furniture company uses a process called sublimation, whereby heat is used to transfer dye onto the surface of the cube. From pineapples to pieces of art, you can put just about anything on one of these newfangled pieces. Currently available editions include fruit, vegetables, marble, wood, cubic photo art, and a few more abstract notions like Sringara, Bambam, and the aptly named “Sit on Billions.”

Benj&Soto creates its seats in a number of different sizes, so you can choose from a Pouf, which measures 40 x 40 x 48 cm; a Pouf Cubic, which is 40 x 40 x 40 cm; or a Bench, which range in dimension from 45 x 45 x 90 cm, to 24 x 33 x 63 cm, to 33 x 39 x 63 cm.

The Pouf starts at around $190, and you can order one of these pieces of artistic furniture from Benj&Soto’s website, or its Kickstarter page. Because you know you want to sit on a giant sandwich.

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