Smart WaveCave surfboard bag turns into beach shelter tent

smart wavecave surfboard bag turns into beach shelter tent wave cave

There’s nothing quite like waking up on the beach as the sun rises, ready for a day of surfing the waves. We’re kidding. We actually have no idea what that’s like, but we can assume that it’s pretty great. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of gear designed for sleeping on or near the beach and then embarking on a long day of wave-catching. Well, when it comes to beach shelter, the smartly-designed WaveCave surf bag/tent ($260 to $320) has you covered for this sort of thing.

This hybrid design starts out as a practical bag to carry and protect up to four surfboards with cushy padding and carrying handles. If you need to camp out on the beach, you can open up the bag, slip the tent out of its pocket, zip the bag and the tent pieces together and bam: you’ve got a beach shelter tent. The padding that was originally for your surfboards transforms into a cushy bedding when the WaveCave is in tent form. None of us around here are avid surfers who camp on the beach, but if any of you are out there, this seems like a pretty brilliant design.