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SnackNation wants to bring those awesome office snacks to your home

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You might not work at Uber, LinkedIn, or a tech company that boasts pantries and fridges that would rival most commercial kitchens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snack as though you do. SnackNation, who has provided snacks to thousands of offices across the country since early 2015, is now bringing those same snacks to your doorstep in the firm’s first direct-to-consumer offering.

Promising to offer those of you at home the same “healthy snack curation and discovery experience” as it offers those in the workplace, SnackNation is staying true to its mission of “supporting increased health, productivity, and happiness.” While this initially manifested itself in the provision to office denizens of snacks that were great tasting and great for you, SnackNation Market now allows families everywhere to join the party.

“Today’s launch represents a giant step in our mission to make healthy snacks more accessible to everyone,” said SnackNation CEO and co-founder Sean Kelly. “We’ve spent the last two years perfecting the SnackNation experience for the office, working directly with the best tasting, most innovative snack brands to help our members discover their new favorite healthy snacks. With SnackNation Market, we’re now poised to make the SnackNation experience available to healthier kitchens and pantries across the U.S.”

Given the prevalence of snacking as a culinary habit in the U.S. (apparently, millennials snack at least three days a day), ensuring that those little meals are as healthy as possible is key to keeping the population in its best shape. As such, SnackNation aims to deliver only health-conscious options, without sacrificing taste. By way of ongoing taste surveys and panels, SnackNation seeks to predict snacking trends, find new offerings, and consistently deliver exciting boxes month after month.

SnackNation Market home customers can either build a custom snack box, or choose one of the company’s pre-sourced boxes that include popular items like Dang Coconut Chips and Field Trip Jerky. And no matter what your dietary restrictions may be, SnackNation has you covered with categories including vegan, gluten free, and more.

And best of all, for every SnackNation home box the company sends out, it also donates a meal to a hungry family thanks to a partnership with Feeding America. And for every SnackNation office box shipped, the company donates ten meals to a family in need. Already, SnackNation is on track to donate one million meals over the course of the next few months.

So if you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your snacking routine, you may just want to join the SnackNation.

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