Snowdozer makes clearing your car less of a hassle

snowdozer makes clearing your car less of a hassle

There is probably nothing worse than walking out your door early in the morning only to find that you need an extra ten minutes to scrape all the snow off your car before heading to work. If you don’t have a garage and live somewhere with snow, spending a few bucks on this handy little invention will probably save you a lot of time and aggravation on those snowy mornings. The Snowdozer ($17) is your basic ice/snow scraper, but tricked out to provide maximum snow scraping in minimal time. The Snowdozer uses two blades to scrape both forward and backward, a front handle to ease strain and keep snow off your hands, and an attached brush to sweep off anything other than ice or snow. The handle is rubberized for grip and a telescoping, extendable arm allows for a longer reach. No doubt this invention will make de-icing your car faster and less annoying, and who doesn’t want that?