Solid Gray backpack features indestructible hard shell design

solid gray backpack features indestructible hard shell design

We’ve written about some pretty cool backpacks in the past, but none that we would say exactly “revolutionize” the idea of the traditional backpack quite like this innovative design. Whether simple, sporty, or high-tech, most of the backpacks that we have run into are still made from cloth and feature the same basic design with zippers and straps galore. Not this one. The Solid Gray backpack ($165) takes a completely different angle with a folding hardshell cover that keeps all your belongings safe and sound behind the origami-like design. 

solid gray backpack features indestructible hard shell design backpack2

The pack gets its unique design from a single sheet of industrial-strength polymer (polypropene block copolymer, to be precise) that is bent and folded to create the backpack’s useful shape. The Solid Gray design is lined with EPDM foam to keep your belongings safe and features straps to hold up to a 15.6″ laptop, two compartments for smaller items, a handy document clip, and a flexible fit to ensure a happy back. The design is water-resistant and locks your belongings safely into the pack with ‘smart snaps.’ The creators of the backpack claim that the material will not break or tear, but is extremely strong and lightweight. The packs are made in the Netherlands and it seems that the designers are even willing to work with custom design requests.