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Class up your sous vide cooking with a purpose-built pot

Sous vide cooking caught on quickly because it’s simple and predictable. What cook doesn’t like meals that turn out as expected every time, as long as you follow a few simple instructions? Tuxton Home just launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for what the brand calls the “world’s first sous vide pot” to make the cooking method even easier and faster.

To cook sous vide you seal meat, seafood, eggs, or veggies in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. You then clip the sealed bag inside a large pot of water, and put a single-purpose sous-vide cooker in the water, with the heating element down and the control end above the rim of the pot.  Adjust the device time and temperature to the correct settings and you’re done. Smartphone and smart-home savvy sous vide cookers let you control and monitor the cooking progress remotely.

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Some sous vide devices resemble slow cookers, but most professional and higher-priced home versions look somewhat like a lightsaber hand grip. The lightsaber-style sous vide cookers work with the Sous Vide Pot — and we have collected a few models and manufacturers below.

Tuxton Home’s Sous Vide Pot, available for pre-order on the company’s website and on Kickstarter, does not include an actual sous vide cooker. What you buy is a 9.8 quart, triple-ply stainless steel pot with a clear, tempered-glass lid. The lid has a silicone rim to seal against water evaporation and a 2.4-inch sous vide cooker adapter hole with a removable stopper.

If you leave the adapter hole stopper in place, you can use the Sous Vide Pot as a regular cooking pot with an extra perk — you can remove the stopper momentarily to taste stews or sauces without removing the whole lid.

According to Tuxton Home, the Sous Vide Pot’s adapter hole is compatible with a range of sous vide cookers  including the Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker, Strata Home by Monoprice, InstantPot Accu SV800, Anova Precision Cooker, My Sous Vide My-101, PrimoEats Sous Vide, and cookers from Gramercy Kitchen Co., G&M Kitchen Essentials, Slaiya, and BlinBling.

Tuxton Home claims cooking with the Sous Vide Pot and one of the supported cookers saves time, money, and energy. The Kickstarter page lists specific savings with the Sous Vide Pot compared to open pots and to pots covered with cling wrap and aluminum foil. The company claims that on average, you’ll save 11 minutes when you use the pot to cook sous vide.

As with all crowdfunded campaigns, pre-ordering products comes with a degree of risk. In this case, though, Tuxton Home is an existing company with other products on the market. The Sous Vide Pot delivery schedule is set for April and May 2018 so the wait to receive the product shouldn’t be too long. There are also special Kickstarter deals for multiple product purchases and for accessories for the first orders.

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