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These levitating speakers from Aswy will take your home theater experience to the next level

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You’ve never seen sound like this. The levitating wireless speakers from Aswy’s make for a pretty well-rounded sensory experience — one that appeals to both the eyes and the ears.

Known as the Spaco home theater system, this multi-room, voice-activated, app-controlled set of speakers is every bit the futuristic setup. After debuting their first Bluetooth-controlled levitating speakers, the Air, Awsy is back with a more ambitious project. “We’re newer, younger and not afraid of helping push the boundaries of what’s possible in audio. With the high-performance features we’re packing into Spaco, we’re doing what no other brand is doing,” said ASWY founder Allen Wang.

The advantage of the levitating design, Aswy claims, is in its omnidirectional 360-degree surround sound, eliminating any friction that may come from traditional speakers that only broadcast sound waves in one way. This means “pure, unadulterated sound to every part of the room,” and “the same sound quality no matter where you are,” the company says.

Soon to launch on Indiegogo, the Spaco system will allow users to command music playlists, streaming platforms, and more with nothing more than their voice. You’ll be able to play the radio or set up your TV to broadcast sound through the Spaco and command the system to play, pause, or adjust the volume, all without ever leaving your couch.

And to further adjust the mood, you can decide what color light you want your Spaco system to emit — because what’s sound without a little sight? Moreover, the Spaco features a Wi-Fi Extender, which promises to create “a meshed, whole-home Wi-FI network, meaning no dead spots and Wi-Fi shared with multiple devices around the home.”

Comprised of six pieces, the Spaco system can be distributed throughout your house. Whether you want a full-home concert, or to play different music in different rooms, these speakers have you covered. And you can even use the Spaco to communicate, thanks to its two-way speaker and microphone. The speakers also charge whilst levitating.

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