Temple Laptop Sleeves inspired by love in WWII

temple laptop sleeves inspired by love in wwii sleeve

We have come to love Temple as a brand that brings a little nostalgia and classic rugged style to tech-friendly accessories, and the brand’s new slim laptop sleeve is no exception. The Temple 15-inch Laptop Sleeve ($79) has a unique design that was inspired by old love letters from the WWII era. To make things even more nostalgic, each sleeve comes with an authentic 1930s-1940s era stamp in the top right corner. The sleeve opens with a triangular envelope closure and a brown leather tab. Made from dead-stock WWII oil cloth and padded with closed-cell foam, the sleeve is spill-resistant and will protect your laptop from unwanted scratches and bumps. The basic design of this sleeve is simple and straightforward, but its unique details and history make it a conversation piece and give it a classic, masculine style.