Tetra-Shed:Think outside the box and work in a much cooler one

Stuck in a drab office? Are your surroundings stiflingly your creativity? Why not liven up your workspace at home, or if you’re lucky convince the boss at work to spring for one of these stylish and ultra modern Tetra-Sheds.

The Tetra Shed, designed by London’s David Ajasa-Adekunle of the Innovation Imperative studio, is a modern spin on the lackluster cubicle. With the Tetra-Shed, you can transform your office space into a fun and enjoyable nook of creativity and productivity. Don’t like the idea of putting this beauty indoors? Put it in your backyard or garden.For those less anti-social, the Tetra-Shed can combined others to create a massive or small string of new-age offices.  What’s more, if you’re seriously considering a Tetra-Shed you need not wait long – they will be available in early 2012.