“Tha’ Business” design project is a self-defense kit for the office

tha business design project is a self defense kit for the office thatbusinessmoney

According to the designer of this project (and we would tend to agree) violence is only acceptable when it is used in self-defense. So as much as we hope that none of you out there have to defend yourselves with violence, you might as well be prepared for the worst, right? If you’re an office-goer, or 9-to-5-er as we might say, this design project and self defense kit was created with you in mind. “Tha’ Business” (it’s understandable to cringe at that name) self defense kit by Creative Session (concept only) took inspiration from your wallet and credit cards to create a basic defense kit for commuters who travel at strange hours or who just want to be prepared. 

Inside a wallet-sized case designers Hoang Nguyen and Anh Nguyen have packed several credit-card-sized versions of self defense items, including pepper spray, a pocket knife, a whistle and brass knuckles. The idea is clever — should you ever get mugged, all you have to do is pull out the pepper spray “credit card” and you’ll be off the hook in no time. The project is currently only a concept, but we like the idea of a stealth self-defense kit for working folk in big cities or dangerous neighborhoods. Not only would this kit help you get away without a scratch, your attacker would likely be impressed with your deck of ninja cards.