The Origin Workstation from Mirato makes gym flooring new

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We may not think of “workstations” as an important part of our lives or the design world, but we should really give them more weight considering how much time we spend at them. 40 hours per week (if not more) for the majority of your adult life adds up to a lot of time if you’re someone who works primarily at a desk. The prospect is pretty sad if all you’ve got is a plain grey cubicle. If you want to go to the other end of the spectrum, you can buy the beautifully-designed and crafted Origin workstation from Mirato ($4,160), which will no doubt make all those hours more enjoyable.

the origin workstation from mirato makes gym flooring new il fullxfull 264778425The clean-lined workstation has a modern design and combines equal parts beauty and function. The Origin is made from reclaimed gym flooring (yep, the same stuff you hated in high school), which makes for a sleek and shiny tabletop. The legs and casing are crafted from white powder-coated steel and the workstation includes eight storage shelves for all your stuff. The spacious 4′ x 10′ tabletop includes typical basketball court paint lines, which go surprisingly well with the modern, high-contrast aesthetic. Two of the workstations (as shown above) will cost you a pretty penny, but they will make you or your employees that much happier to stick around for that 10-hour workday.