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Thor Kitchen promises affordability with its new pro-style induction cooktops

Cooktops are a great way to prepare any meal that you may be craving, but they often aren’t cheap. Thor Kitchen, the maker of a number of pro-style kitchen appliances, is hoping to make the popular kitchen appliance a bit more affordable. The company is introducing its new line of pro-style induction cooktops with a price tag that the company promises is one-third the cost of other premium brands.

“Induction Cooktops have recently become more widely embraced in kitchens, and we are thrilled to now bring ours to homeowners at a more affordable price,” Kyle You, Thor Kitchen managing director, said in a statement. “This is also a great cooktop option for smaller kitchens since induction gives off less heat and won’t warm up the kitchen during those hot summer months, yet also helps reduce energy costs throughout the year.”

The new line of cooktops from Thor come in two different varieties. There’s the Household series, which features a sleek black glass cooktop. Then there’s the Elite series, a clear glass top with a gray undertone and higher power output. Both series come in two models: a 30-inch version with four burners or a 36-inch model with five burners.

Regardless of which model you choose, the Thor induction cooktops promise an energy-efficient and time-saving cooking experience. The appliances are powered by electromagnetic fields that are housed below the glass cooktop. The current from those fields is transferred directly through the cooktop so it heats up almost instantly. While your cooktop will heat up fast, your kitchen won’t. Unlike traditional gas or electric stoves, cooktops don’t produce a heat that raises the temperature of the room so you can cook in comfort and safety.

In addition to the fast-heating cooking surface, the Thor induction cooktops also include an easy-to-read LED display with clear blue text that makes it easy to be sure all of your settings are how you want them. A hot surface indicator light lets you know when the cooktop is still active, and a digital timer lets you keep track of your cooking so you don’t have to watch the clock. The glass tops also make clean up considerably easier as you can just wipe away the mess of cooking.

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