Tilt Knife Block proudly displays knives in modern woodwork

tilt knife block proudly displays knives in modern woodwork sidd

If keeping your knives in a drawer or in a standard knife block is just not what you had in mind for your kitchen, feast your eyes on this beauty of a knife block, by SIDD Woodworking and Design. The Tilt Knife Block ($60) displays and safely holds your finest steak knives in an elegant piece of modern woodwork. The handcrafted piece is made from a single block of solid walnut, with a Canadian Maple inlay to keep knives in place and add to the design. All the woods are sustainable and each piece is handcrafted one by one. The Tilt Knife Block is finished with natural beeswax and orange oil for a protective coating that brings out the colors and grain of the hardwoods. We can’t imagine this looking bad on anyone’s kitchen counter.