Timex EZ Read watch features black-on-black design, Indiglo lighting

timex ez read watch features black on design indiglo lighting

We tend to fawn over some pretty serious and expensive watches here, but this one has both style and price on its side, with a classic design in both traditional and modern colors. The Timex EZ Read Watch ($60) is neither oversized or undersized with a 42mm face and a simple 18mm leather buckle strap. We particularly like the stealthy looks of the black-on-black version of the watch. Everything from the strap right down to the hands is pure black, except for the charcoal-grey brushed face, which of course allows the watch to be readable, not only stylish. The watch comes with Indiglo lighting and is available in more traditional colorways, but the simplicity of the watch is best matched by the sleek monochrome look of the all-black style. Did we mention it’s only $60? Get two colors while you’re at it.