Turkish educational center resembles Hollywood disaster flick

As a rule, a Public Service Announcement (PSA) usually isn’t the most awe-inspiring event to behold. The same could probably be said for safety workshops and educational seminars that go along with them. Then again, rarely are those types of events held in or around a building that stands 49 meters tall, looks like it fell from the heavens, crash landed into the earth, and is stuck in the ground tilted on its axis.

Designed by Portuguese firm OODA, the creative practice has entered this proposal for the strikingly ambitious Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Educational Center for the International Design Competition. The aim of the building was to devise a facility that would serve to inform the general public of the severity and implications regarding natural disasters. The center would be located in Istanbul, Turkey and would seek to promote public awareness regarding earthquakes and floods through various seminars, courses, and exhibitions. It would house a number of administrative offices, a library, and multiple auditoriums, with a reception area at the base of the building.

Natural disasters are certainly nothing to make light of, but there is no denying that they have clearly inspired OODA to design an amazingly elegant and abstract architectural marvel.